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With our multiple solutions, understanding your performance and KPI´s for lacrosse has never been easier. Our expertise allows us to provide the deep and video stats that will help you reach your full potential. You can do it yourself using our tools or we can do if for you.

Don't wait, champions are made not born!

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Game Analysis Packages

icon1 Upload your game
icon2 We break it down
icon3 You Play
icon1 Upload your game
icon2 We break it down
icon3 You Play
icon3 Share

Rethink what you know about analytics with a pure focus on player and team development. We offer Custom Packages to fit your needs and your budget. Simply upload your video and we break it down for you. You'll save time and play more.

Here's what you get with our pro grade analysis service:

  • Deep and video stats
  • Dynamic reports per game and per season
  • Shot Charts + Heatmaps
  • Video clips with draw feature
  • Easily share your info

Creating champions one tag at a time!

Customize your package

Let us do the work!
Mix your turnaround times to meet your budget.

Lacrosse Men's Lacrosse Women's
Saved Shot
Shot Off Target
Shot Blocked
Own Goal
Ground Ball Recovered
Forced Turnover
Unforced Turnover
Caused Turnover
Face Off Won
Face Off Lost
Free Position Goal
Free Position Shot Off Target
Free Position Shot Blocked
Free Position Shot Saved
Draw Control Won
Draw Control Lost
Passing / Complete / Incomplete / forward / back / side/ short / long
Pricing & Upgrades Lacrosse Men's Lacrosse Women's
Turn-around time 24-36 hrs



Need your info faster? Supercharge it!
Get it back in 12 hrs or less



* Discounts available for 20+ games

Experience a unique, easy to use content generator, and save time!

Game & player reports
Game breakdown
Cumulative statistics
Playlist creation & sharing

Do it Yourself, easier than you think

  • Collect deep statistics
  • Tag In Real Time or Offline
  • Share easily with your network
  • Customize Your Work
  • Create detailed Reports & Reels

Don't wait, champions are made not born!





Storage (h) 0H 10H 60H
VO ELITE - Video Editor Software (Win & Mac)
Online & Offline Solution
Work everywhere without depend of internet
Add Field Action
Add Tags
Observation System
- -
Zoom In/Out
Game speed 1x-2x-4x-8x
Frame by Frame


Smartcoach is the simplest, most intuitive and faster way to collect information during the game. Now it’s possible to obtain the right information at the right time, making it easier to make the necessary decisions during the game.

Bruno Fuzeiro

S.L. Benfica/Portugal Futsal Scouting Manager

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